How to Define New Course for Admission Process ?

  1. Login as Institute Admin
  2. Go to Course Administration > Course Management Menu
  3. You can see following Course Grid showing List of Courses
  4. Click on New Link
  5. Following Screen would showup
  6. Enter Details of course Attributescourse-admincreate-new-course
No Attribute Name Description
1. Course Type Select Course Type e.g. Full Time/ Part Time/ Distance Course etc
2. Course Name Type Course Name
3. Course Note If you wish to add any description or note then it can be added here
4. Application Fee You can define Application Fees in INR
5. Payment Options You can define payment options to be made available for form fee payment. E.g. Online Payment , Demand Draft Payment, Challan Payment,
Voucher Payment etc
6. Discount Coupon If you wish to enable discount coupon for the course then you can select it as Enabled
7. Course Deadline You can define Last date of online form submission process. Online Registration would be disabled automatically after this date
8. Course Display Order Define Display Sequence for the course. This is useful of you have multiple courses to be displayed with specific sequence
9 Form Number Series You can define Form Number series for the application asper your requirement.

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